, a pioneer in the computing power-sharing industry, is partnering with mining titan and strategic alliance Bitmain to reveal a new service line for cryptocurrency miners hosting solutions. People worldwide now have the opportunity to buy compatible mining machines while keeping them protected and managed via the hosting network of the server. has managed to provide a “one-stop service” for the crypto mining industry with computing power-sharing solutions. The extension of hosting services has enabled the mining community with additional versatility. Due to the increased hash rate complexity, inhibited maintenance costs, and capital expenditure for operation, cryptocurrency mining has moved from the home activity to large data centers.’s latest service called “Cloud Hosting,” in collaboration with Bitmain, aims to reduce the entry barrier for individual miners while providing consistent computing power volume. Besides, not only rents mining machines but also provides potential users the prospect of ownership at a fraction of their own mining machine’s purchasing and maintenance expenses.

Being a leading computing power-sharing network, aims to meet the market demand of remotely hosted crypto miners to solve integration, transparency, and maintenance. maintains a track record of transparency and allows clients to view their miners’ progress in real-time via the portal. 

The pre-requisite for the miner hosting service is a minimum of 1 mining machine, but clients can also connect the other clients to pool the services and share the rewards among themselves. It is the first mining machine hosting service on the market that enables this kind of versatility. All mining machines from are supplied by strategic partner Bitmain, who will also provide maintenance and repair services. 

This feature gives access to mining machines that meet industry enforcement criteria and secure a stable electricity supply. The machines available for the new “Cloud Hosting” service include the critically praised S19 Pro, the most energy-efficient, risk-averse, and cost-effective system. Customers interested in signing up for the mining service “Cloud Hosting” can visit and inquire through the website, bringing the reality of “one-stop service.”

In the computing power-sharing industry, has a long-standing reputation as a stable business operator. With Bitmain as its strategic partner, the market leader has maintained close cooperation. also partners with other industry leaders such as Antpool and to guarantee that mining machines are authentic in terms of consistency and reliability. will continue to provide world-class mining services and will remain the benchmark for power-sharing services in computing.

About is the world’s largest power-sharing site for computing, allowing global users to transparently, reliably, and conveniently mine cryptocurrencies. It saves users from the complex buying, downloading, and hosting process of mining machines. Using just one key, individual miner can enjoy the service.

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