This year’s Black Friday following Thanksgiving Day is evolving into an intensified shopping experience for the Black community. This event is backed by the Black founded cryptocurrency Guapcoin ($GUAP) and aligned with the “Guap Friday” movement.

This move is inspired by the realization that there is hardly any initiative to support Black business owners. Generally, on Black Friday, buyers hunt for the best discounts announced by retail giants such as Walmart and Amazon. And on Small Business Saturday, buyers support small businesses and communities across the country. The COVID-19 chaos has affected Black entrepreneurs more than any other demographic, and hence this holiday season is anticipated to be challenging. 

This opportunity is being taken by Guap Friday’s organizers to bring the Black community to shopping with their digital currencies like Guapcoin. Cryptocurrencies offer a secure, smart alternative to dollars. A growing number of retailers embrace digital currencies, and Guapcoin could be the best way to track and develop a real Black Dollar.

Data for “Black Dollars”

Guapcoin intends to refute the idea of the “disappearing dollar” with data of blockchain and cryptocurrency, which shows the potential growth driver, not only for coin holders but also for future companies and investors in black entrepreneurs. Guap Friday is working with the blockchain analytics platform TrustB to introduce real data analytics to Black spending, besides the means to calculate the effects of Guapcoin.

Product and Services at Guap Friday

Guap Friday will have primarily black-owned companies offering an array of products and services. Products would include electronics, books, cosmetics, jewelry, hair care products, beauty products, apparel, handbags, and healthcare for sale.  Besides, credit repair, astrology and tarot readings, legal advice, beauty workshops, financial planning, and weight loss will be some of the services that will be available for purchase. Guap Friday will be registering new vendors until November 27.

To shop on the website, consumers interested in supporting black-owned companies during Guap Friday will have to get some $GUAP. In the coming days, Guap Friday will release more guidance on its website. Guapcoin is currently available on the Exchange. A Peer-to-Peer Exchange will be launched in November, allowing users to buy and sell crypto directly from each other without third-party intervention. 

About Guapcoin

Created in 2017 by Tavonia Evans, the primary goal of Guapcoin is to provide the underserved and undervalued Black community with a sound and innovative economic base, with an emphasis on creating generational wealth. Guapcoin aims to educate the world about blockchain and spark a consumer-pattern revolution. Learn more about Guapcoin on their website and how to buy the cryptocurrency. 

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