Black Knight is the leading technology, data, and analytics service provider in the industry that integrates and automates many business processes in the mortgage lifecycle. They offer an end-to-end platform of integrated technology, home equity loan lifecycle, data, and analytics supporting the entire mortgage. They have launched a new webhooks automation component for its Optimal Blue API Platform. This highly awaited launch is another step forward in the organization’s ongoing dedication to an API-first strategy that improves lender efficiencies and workflow automation by providing real-time access during the mortgage loan process to advanced secondary marketing capabilities.

API webhooks, accessible through the Optimal Blue API Developer Portal, publishes event-based alerts directly to a subscriber, offering an easy way to deliver real-time transaction data that takes place inside the Optimal Blue platform of Black Knight. Historically, whilst APIs have provided a request followed by a response, a webhook needs no request. Instead, API webhooks can intuitively deliver the data when it becomes usable, saving significant time and effort. For lenders, this level of automation is extremely beneficial, offering real-time updates on lock requests, compromises, extensions, adjustments to profiles and products, relocks, and more.

Scott Happ, President at Black Knight Secondary Marketing Technologies, said that their growing API universe is vital to their ongoing innovation. He also said that their Optimal Blue API platform’s new webhooks component will save valuable time and effort for their clients by excluding the need to request data. He further added that Webhooks take automation a step further and provide the user directly with up-to-date, detailed information.

There are two components to the initial launch: documentation and a dashboard for self-serve setup. The documentation page contains descriptions of all events that are open for subscription, with the corresponding business description and the full payload schema for each activity. The self-serve dashboard can be optimized based on personal preferences, and specific notification URLs can be retained.

About Black Knight

Black Knight, Inc. is an award-winning business that drives innovation in the mortgage lending and service and real estate sectors and the capital and secondary markets in technology, data, and analytics. Businesses utilize their comprehensive, integrated solutions over the entire life cycle of homeownership to help maintain current customers, attract new customers, reduce risks, and operate more efficiently.

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