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Bula, a first-of-its-kind social media platform, is focusing on interactive challenges with friends, influencers, celebrities, and brands of the users’ choice. Bula provides a first-ever centralized platform for users to create head-to-head and group challenges. Several large social media platforms are trying to accomplish challenge-based exchanges but Bula is the first to create a platform based on connecting people for social challenges, whether down the street or over the world. With its “Trash Talk” feature, Bula allows participants and bystanders to stay updated with ongoing challenges through comments, videos, pictures, and overlaid text. 

As a co-host and sponsor at the Super Celebrity Shootout, Bula held its outreach events at the 2021 Super Bowl. It was hosted by David “Big Papi” Ortiz alongside Super Bowl Champion Chris Godwin at TopGolf Tampa. These events were the perfect destination for event guests to create challenges or Bulas, at the TopGolf facility, with proceeds from these challenges going to the event’s charity, Children’s Charity Hole in One Challenge.

Invented by Jack and Josh Booty (brothers), Elias Wehbi, and Neel Naicker, the Bula app is built on a concept that focuses on a friendly challenge initiated between two of the members. Understanding the limitations of existing social platforms, they wanted to create a challenge, engage a group of friends, track it all, and ultimately claim a winner. Also, they ensured the stakes were met and seen, which was most important to their mission. The Booty brothers own a strong pedigree in athletics with significant sports, business, and entertainment connections.

Josh holds a position among the very few athletes to be drafted and play in both the NFL and Major League Baseball. Serving as a football coach for the last decade, Jack is also a successful entrepreneur, having exited a company at Disneyland California. Neel Naicker holds over two decades of entrepreneurship experience and has built successful companies from startup to scale. He also sits on numerous boards and invests in technology companies globally. He focuses on blockchain, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and robotic automation. Surgeon-scientist and inventor, Elias Wehbi possesses several successful tech ventures. He also serves as an Associate Professor at the University of California.

Bula, coming from the Fijian term meaning “to life,” represents its namesake with the mascot, “KOA,” whose name also comes from the Fijian language, meaning warrior. Basically, Bula is the TikTok of challenges and is available for download on the Apple App Store and soon for Android. This sensational global app will soon have corporate, and charity challenges live on the platform, engaging users on a whole new level. 

About Bula

Bula is a first-of-its-kind social media platform that allows users to create challenges. The app invites people to create Bula (Challenge) with their friends, charities, influencers, and corporations. 

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