BurstIQ, a leading provider of blockchain-enabled secure data exchange services, announced the launch of BurstChain® User Interface Software Developer Kit. This key accelerator tool lets application developers access quickly deploy blockchain-enabled web applications and services on the BurstIQ Platform.

The BurstChain UI SDK comes with multiple tools, designed to simplify and accelerate the app deployment and development process. The npm module version of the SDK released back in June had models that enabled rapid configuration and deployment of key application functionalities, along with user administration, access controls, analytics visualization, user preferences, and a dashboard builder.

The recent version of the UI SDK added two new npm modules- dictionary editor and consent contract creator. These new modules will simplify the process of building consents and data dictionaries and let these critical components to be managed by business analysts, system administrators, and researchers without the help of any specialized software development skills. All of these modules are configured for uninterrupted integration with BurstIQ’s blockchain-based data exchange network, BurstChain.

Additionally, the UI SDK includes application starter packs in both JavaScript and Python, along with a JavaScript starter kit for BurstIQ’s custom analytics application, AdaptiveIQ. All of these starter packs are available under the Apache v2 open source license. 

BurstIQ’s CTO Tyson Henry believes that helping their partners to accelerate their blockchain projects is an important aspect of what they do. He said, “There are new regulations emerging all over the world that are mandating things like granular data ownership, dynamic consent, interoperability, and secure data sharing. Enterprises need to adapt quickly and integrate new data governance models into their systems and services.” The BurstIQ toolbox has been designed to help its partners in doing that. 

The BurstChain UI SDK has joined a family of services that BurstIQ offers to help enterprises quickly deploy apps and services for compliant and secure data sharing among complex workflows and networks. The BurstIQ services include integrated rules engines that manage digital front door and sandbox services, data consent and orchestration, data governance, and flexible schemas built on BurstIQ’s blockchain-enabled HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant data exchange network.

About BurstIQ™ 

BurstIQ is a leading provider of blockchain-enabled data solutions in the healthcare industry. The company’s permission and private data network help organizations to connect with each other, share data securely, and unlock a deeper understanding of the diverse factors influencing health. The platform works with a combination of Big Data, blockchain, granular data, and machine intelligence and consents to build multi-dimensional profiles of things, people, and places to initiate interactions between them. 

For more information, visit: https://www.burstiq.com

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