The cryptocurrency was developed to remain unregulated. Still, people and businesses consistently demanded that insurance companies cover cryptocurrency investment risks. Cryptocurrency insurance is essential for companies that have planned to broaden their investment strategies by investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Some insurance providers are reluctant to – or refuse to – offer cryptocurrency insurance for investors and companies. It is due to the cryptocurrency market’s high-risk potential, fluctuations, general nature, and relatively short track record.

However, the insurance sector is gradually warming to the cryptocurrency industry, with some insurance companies starting to include cryptocurrency coverage in some business policies. Cryptocurrency insurance is now available as a standalone policy or as part of a broader business insurance package.

Small and large businesses should consider purchasing four different types of policies to protect their cryptocurrency assets, namely, General business insurance, Crime insurance, Custody insurance, and Decentralized finance (DeFi) insurance.

Engaging an expert investment advisor is the most innovative way for companies to guarantee they receive the proper coverage at the right price. HCP National now offers enterprise, crime, custody, and data breach insurance. It can assist enterprises in obtaining appropriate and high-quality insurance policies to safeguard their cryptocurrency – all at competitive rates.

Vice President of HCP National States, Bill Dyer, commented that Blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives are the way of the future. Crypto projects are nothing more than incorruptible communication, and HCP is ready to provide the required insurance to protect them.

About HCP National

HCP National has been a leader in the commercial insurance industry since its inception in 1994, specializing in placing difficult coverage and developing new insurance products when the traditional insurance market fails to meet clients’ specific needs. HCP National can assist you in safeguarding your company’s digital assets. HCP National is a privately-owned commercial insurance brokerage that was founded in 1994 and served clients all over the United States. Andrea “Cris” Dyer, a certified minority (MBE) woman (WBENC), leads and owns one of the country’s largest brokerages.

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