Canam Steel Corporation (CSC), a service-oriented manufacturing company based in the United States, is pleased to announce the introduction of an eCommerce feature on their website, which will enable customers to place online orders for in-stock and custom goods.

The implementation of this web feature is in response to changing market trends. It dramatically decreases the number of steps a customer must go through to place a purchase order, compared to more traditional sales processes laden with paperwork. Customers can now position orders from anywhere using any internet-enabled smartphone.

Michael Martignetti, Vice President of Sales, stated that this service is for almost everyone, from those working on a job at home to a small general contracting firm that requires specialized supplies but doesn’t always purchase from a manufacturer. It would also be ideal for those who run out of stores suddenly during a big project. 

The site will have Elocone Nuts, a roof deck, a floor deck, and more when it launches. Plans are to add more things, including a wide variety of deck accessories and goods. Customers will receive the same high-quality service they’ve come to expect from CSC, with the added benefit of online ordering.

Customers should expect in-stock goods to ship within a few business days and custom products to take up to a few weeks. CSC ships to the continental United States and provides pick-up options at most of their facilities.

About Canam Steel Corporation

Canam Steel Corporation (CSC) is a service-oriented manufacturing company headquartered in the United States that produces open web steel joists and other steel deck products. They work on a wide range of construction projects, including stadiums, office buildings, retail buildings, renovations, distribution centers, classrooms, and high-rise buildings.

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