A worldwide technology leader CareerArc,  which provides a platform for outplacement and social recruiting, has announced the induction of its new AI-enabled video-based feature. The psychometric technology platform that measures cognitive ability is an assembly of Artificial intelligence with high-level language processing, machine learning, and assessment science. The application assesses applicants on their soft skills and character traits through precise, self-guided video interviews.

Applicants with the help of reports generated through the assessment technique can brand themselves and position their profile in the interviews, resumes, LinkedIn, and other professional networking platforms.

Robin D. Richards, Chairman, CEO of CareerArc, stated that with the current job market, job seekers need tools and insights that will help them stand out from the crowd. CareerArc dedicates to help individuals impacted by the coronavirus pandemic by plotting the fastest track towards employment. He further added that the increasing volatility spurs more organizational shifts, and we are giving employers and impacted employees with a revolutionary approach to career transitions delivered at the running pace of the modern workforce.

This new feature of soft skills and character traits assessment powered with personalized insight help candidate identify their unique qualities. It makes them appear the most claimant candidate for the crucial position which the hiring manager wants to fill quickly by measuring candidates’ engagement, emotions, facial expression, and body language. This assessment assistance equips candidates to highlight their existing soft skills such as communication, adaptability, curiosity, creativity, alertness, which they sometimes fail to communicate in the absence of a platform.

The  three-step assessment technique is as follows:

1. The video-recording feature enables the candidate to record and review the three common interview questions. They can repeatedly re-record and perfect their responses until final submission.

2. The AI technology evaluates the candidate submission and returns a result set of particular soft skills and personality trait that makes them unique and best fit during the interview process.

3. A quick “Soft Skills and Character Traits Report” generated through the process enables the candidate to review their scores either by themselves or seek the guidance of CareerArc’s career coaches. They guide the candidate  to best position their skills or traits across various social media platform LinkedIn, cover letters, resumes, and interviews.

At CareerArc Outplacement, the synchronization of tech-based intelligence and experience of outstanding career coaches accelerates the transitioning of employees to their next job three times faster than the standard national average time for employment.

CareerArc’s methodology and techniques are designed for all employees irrespective of positions, industries, and backgrounds. By deploying the cloud on world-class infrastructure and combining web, mobile, and social media applications, CareerArc’s help companies gain a competitive edge. They also amplify the outplacement process by linking the candidates with the career coaches who groom candidates with personalized guidance.

About CareerArc

CareerArc ,founded in 2009, is an Award-winning outplacement provider, and automation market leader assisting businesses in recruitment and transition of the modern workforce. CareerArc has served organizations, including many of the Fortune 500  companies, with its social recruiting and virtual outplacement solutions by increasing their return on employer branding.CareerArc helps companies excel and advance in recruitment, employment branding, and outplacement by bringing in cloud technology, executing on latest infrastructure, and combining web, mobile, and social media applications. CareerArc has offices in Burbank, Calif and Boston, Mass. 

For more information visit us at https://www.careerarc.com/

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Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date May 9, 2020

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