CareerPlug is one of the leading hiring software company announced the launch of their new version of applicant tracking software, Voyager. This upcoming software delivers a redesigned user interface, with more intuitive and user-friendly functionality. Apart from this, CareerPlug’s visual identity has been updated to modern design with a new logo and color throughout its website and branding. With the launch of the new user-friendly interface, it aims at improving the user experience.

The founder, and President of CareerPlug,  Clint Smith stated “Through the rebranding process, we had a chance to dig deep into what we do best, the people we serve, and where we are headed,” He added, “I am most excited about the release of CareerPlug’s new user interface. We conducted client interviews to learn what they loved most (and least) about our product. We asked what we can do to make it better. We listened. We have been working tirelessly to create a new version of CareerPlug for improved user experience.”

Features and benefits of CareerPlug Voyager include a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, an updated job posting form with a multi-step form format that allows better organization of data to help users find what they’re looking for with minimal wastage of time by back-and-forth scrolling. Hiring process steps guide users through the right way to make the decision of hiring one in a new job profile page. It surfaces the most important job data in one place, including where applicants are in the hiring process, a quick look at applicant flow, and how job sources are performing.

About CareerPlug

Since 2007 CareerPlug is working to make hiring easier for over 10,000 growing companies in the U.S. and Canada. Known for their hiring software for non-HR people, so that every owner, operator, and hiring manager can make the right decision while hire for their team. The company thrives hard to creating exceptional experiences for everyone from the owners to the candidates. The core mission has always been to make hiring easier. The team believe in providing a playbook on How to Hire, making it easier to access best practices, and automating the process.

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Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date March 25, 2020

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