Enea, a global software company, has been shortlisted for two prestigious awards categories for the annual Leading Light Awards. The recognition from Leading Light, which celebrates communications industry’s most innovative, hardworking and successful companies in 5G, emphasizes the importance of both UDM (Unified Data Manager) and Stratum (Network Data Layer) for operators as they deploy and monetize 5G.

“Being shortlisted for two prestigious awards is extraordinary and we are honoured”, said Jan Häglund, President and CEO of Enea. He further mentioned that being considered and recognized for the coveted awards was a testament of their hard work and Enea’s commitment to deliver real value to all of their customers.  

Enea’s Stratum Cloud Data Manager has been shortlisted for the Most Innovative Telco Cloud Product Strategy category. The category showcases the most innovative telco cloud strategies for the past year. Stratum, an open, cloud native 5G network data layers is the preferred choice for Tier 1 operators of North America and Europe. It allows the operators to realize the true benefits of both virtualization and 5G without restriction on vendor choice by collapsing all vendor data silos into one common network data layer, hence solving the problem of vendor lock-in.

Stratum also reduces time to as little as 15 days, which usually would take nine months for application data integration, with a total cost of ownership (TCO), one-third that of traditional subscriber repository solutions.

Enea’s second contender for the Most Innovative 5G Technology category is its Unified Data Manager (UDM). Enea UDM is a cloud-native network function for 5G data management. The software is a critical component in multi-vendor and multi-generation network architectures that enable seamless services for converged consumer broadband, private networks and IoT applications.  The category honours companies that have developed a market leading product enabling the launch of, deployment or creating 5G services, and here Enea’s UDM presents a solution that is in sync with operator requirements of a an open and highly automated architecture. Apart from increasing flexibility and freedom of choice, the solution also supports data entries ranging from 1 to 10 billion at a rate of 1 to 500,000 transactions per second, easing network transition with its effective interworking with 4G functions.

About Enea

A global software company, Enea focusses on software components for telecommunications and cybersecurity. With its development centers and sales offices across Europe, North America and Asia has close to three billion people relying on systems that has embedded Enea software when they use mobile phones and connect to the Internet.

Enea’s product portfolio spans the network from the edge to the core, and has a leading market position in the focus areas of Data Communication Solutions.

To know more visit: www.enea.com

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