CircleAround officially launched their website, powered by Girl Scouts, a digital media living guide for adult women seeking values-based content. CircleAround is a digital media site managed by One GS Media, a subsidiary of Girl Scouts in the USA. CircleAround aims to delight, inform and intrigue women along with helping them in creating purpose-driven lives as per their desires through their content.

The newly launched website will publish over 300 new pieces of content every month on topics like Wellness, Inspiration, Money, Work, News, Relationships and Parenting. The content will be in the form of videos, long and short-form blogs, podcasts, and sliding galleries based on stories of Girl Scout alum and Gold Award Girl Scouts who are changing the world every day. 

Actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld expressed her excitement to work with CircleAround and said, “Women are always more impactful when we are united, empowered, and supported. We all have different life experiences and lessons we have learned along the way that we can share to help others along their journeys.” 

Actress Kate Walsh is thrilled to join CircleAround along with Steinfeld and said, “If we can truly listen and learn from one another, and work to lift each other up, we can make positive impacts for women of all ages and backgrounds today, and for future generations to come.” Both of them are coming together for the launch of CircleAround to reveal the “CircleAround Inspiration Wall”, a space for women to connect, discuss each other’s success and spread positivity. 

CircleAround’s content will help parents to talk to their kids about racism and teach them the value of diversity by embracing their differences. The work and money column will provide a step-by-step guide to help entrepreneurs stop worrying about money and start budgeting success. As COVID-19 has restricted gatherings for weddings this year, the relationship column will talk about how weddings can be done through the help of technology like video conferencing. There will be a column on wellness that talks about helping your mothers with medication and the inspiration column will tell us a story of a mother of two black children and her protests in Minnesota. 

CircleAround has also partnered up with I Am That Girl, an online community for young women with over 1.2 million people who connect and gain strength by sharing their stories. Christine Butler, COO of CircleAround, is proud to offer CircleAround as a platform for women to stand together and support each other through their inspirational stories. She said, “Through our impactful content, CircleAround is helping women create the lives they want for themselves, their families and their communities, in whatever way they define it.”

More than 60 female writers will provide content at the launch, and the editorial team will include Katka Lapelosová who will join CircleAround as a staff writer. Starting from August, their launch partner Verizon Business will host a weekly panel session on CircleAround hosting Tami Erwin, CEO of Verizon Business and other guests. Shutterstock will also provide them with inspirational and meaningful content from their collection of images and videos, helping to represent women through imagery. 

About CircleAround

CircleAround is a digital media site for women to come together and find community and content that informs, supports and inspires them at their journey of life. It aims to uniquely fill the gap in content by offering women true utility through a holistic approach. 

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About Girl Scouts of the USA

Girl Scouts is a 2.5 million strong community, preeminent leadership development organization for girls that works for changing the world. With programs across the globe, they offer girls a chance to practice a lifetime of adventure, leadership and success. 

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