CircleBlack has released a significant update to its unified best-of-breed wealth management platform, giving advisors access to additional data, new customisable tools, and increased API possibilities.

The upgrade provides the following benefits:

  • The user interface has been enhanced to enable intuitive navigation and viewing. 
  • Views can be customised at the dashboard and household levels. 
  • Enterprise businesses will benefit from a new API architecture that caters to their needs.
  • Reduced technical debt, allowing new features and integrations to be implemented more quickly.

Advisors and other users may now more easily customise their dashboards to meet their individual daily needs while also gaining access to more data on a single screen with fewer clicks, scrolling, and loading times. The platform also has a “POV” configuration, allowing users to customise workflows based on their perspectives. It facilitates an array of professionals from a financial advisor who needs household-level data, a manager who needs firm-level data or a compliance officer who only needs components of accounts requiring regulatory approval.

The inclusion of more client user testing, which allows current advisor clients to interact with various components and subsequently build an improved version based on their feedback, was the sole element that excited Sarah Rasmuss, Chief Product Officer at CircleBlack.

Additionally, the change gives businesses more control over the digital experiences to their advisers and investors and a speedier time to market for digital projects. Digital teams at larger business firms can quickly plug into only the chosen functions they need to supplement their unique solutions using a framework of web-based “widgets,” pre-built pages, and APIs.

The platform uses a modern code base with a ReAct framework and modular code components to improve user response times. The company can now incorporate new technology and perform system improvements more swiftly, thanks to eliminating tech debt.

CircleBlack’s President and CEO, Alex Sauickie, noted that as a new, agile firm, they could reduce much of their tech debt in a matter of months rather than the years that legacy systems would take. According to Sauickie, the platform allows them to adopt a more current approach to extending their product and providing their clients with the finest integrations, advancements, and experience.

About CircleBlack

CircleBlack, Inc. provides technology to financial advisors that aggregates data, seamlessly integrates other financial applications, manages data from multiple custodians, and delivers actionable intelligence about client portfolios, allowing advisors to manage their clients wealth better while also growing and deepening advisor-client relationships.

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