AppZ is a self-service platform that securely deploys and manages software through public clouds and private data centers. AppZ Lowtouch Cloud is now the market’s most robust DevOps platform, allowing customers to move their applications to a multi-cloud environment in days or weeks. AppZ is an entirely automated, stable, compliant, and cost-effective software solution. 

Due to deficient plans, expertise, resources, controls, and weak alignment with legacy processes, Rejith Krishnan, Founder & CEO, CloudControl, believes that migrating applications to the cloud frequently incur unnecessary delays and expenses. It introduces security vulnerabilities, enforcement problems, audit failures, and the possibility of activity outages.

AppZ builds a cloud landing zone in minutes, supports greenfield application growth, migrates current modern and legacy applications to the cloud, reduces TCO, and offers low-touch cloud operations.

According to Krishnan, businesses can quickly realize the many benefits of transitioning applications to clouds using AppZ’s pre-built CI/CD pipeline or by plugging their own CI/CD pipelines into AppZ and using DevOps as a Service.

About Cloud Control Solutions

Cloud Control Solutions, based in Massachusetts, was created in 2019 by a group of the industry’s most seasoned and experienced FinTech executives. Cloud Control Solutions is a leading global supplier of application-centric cloud migration plans, software, controls, and expertise. 

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