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Cloud4Wi, an industry leader in location marketing solutions, is now in the HubSpot App Marketplace. App Partners are independent software vendors who have built a collaboration with HubSpot and been accepted to the App Marketplace.

The location-based marketing solution offered by Cloud4Wi fills the offline gap in the digital customer experience. Through Cloud4Wi, businesses can retrieve contact information on-site and delve into offline behaviors. Organizations receive a 360-degree experience across all channels and can communicate with them by using the appropriate channels; this yields high conversion rates and maximizes marketing spend.

Cloud4Wi helps businesses to learn about clients, both current and potential, who are in-person. Cloud4Wi collects and locates customer contact information, such as their name, emails, mobile number, age, and gender. In addition, customer behaviors like locations visited, dates of visits, and dwell times.

All specifications, rules, and regulatory requirements related to privacy are enforced and complied with—including GDPR and CCPA. The HubSpot App Partner Program includes valuable third-party integrations. App partners comply with specific requirements.

Ultimately, Cloud4Wi is now integrated to provide real-time data to an existing HubSpot account. Incorporating platforms provides a 360-degree view of the customers, helping businesses foster two-way, real-time engagement that truly matters.

After their visits, connecting with customers to build a lasting relationship is crucial for Talent Garden, said Alessandro Braga, CDO. Cloud4Wi enables them to connect with their HubSpot customers who have opted-in, helping them reach their customers when it matters most.

They believe Cloud4Wi has an important role to play in location-based marketing, stated CEO and Co-Founder, Andrea Calcagno. They are proud and excited to have achieved this integration and look forward to continuing to provide their clients with the best options in our marketing technology ecosystem.

About Cloud4Wi 

Cloud4Wi enables companies to fill the offline gap of the digital customer journey. Cloud4Wi utilizes offline customer data to deliver targeted communications to each customer at the right moment. 10x faster data collection and +30% lift in click-through rate creates results in the new normal. Leading global organizations use Cloud4Wi. These are Armani, BAC Credomatic, Burger King, Campari, Carmila, Diamonds International, Drogasil, Gruppo FS Italiane, Herschend Family Entertainment, Klepierre, Kudu, Lacoste, Loro Piana, Moncler, New York Botanical Garden, Prada Group, Talent Garden, The Cordish Companies, and Valentino.

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