Comarch, an experienced provider of innovative IT products, recently announced the launch of its new fraud prevention solution, specially designed to offer robust end-to-end monitoring for enrollment fraud. This AI-enabled Enrollment Security Service is trained on historical data to spot fraudulent new registrations or personal data changes. Thanks to this new service, it is now possible to also prevent existing accounts from takeover attacks. 

This innovative solution scrutinizes each new registration or personal data change with the help of an ensemble of statistical and Machine Learning natural language processing models. It can easily detect in real-time if the personal data used for registration was generated synthetically or there was an unusual or disposable email address used. It can also tell whether repetitive sections of personal data were used during registration. Furthermore, if there’s a sudden upsurge in a new number of registrations, fraud prevention can notify in real-time to make sure there’s no mass enrollment attack taking place.

According to Maciej Tyczynski, Head of Data Science at Comarch, enrollment fraud is harmful not only in data protection and privacy but also in terms of a company’s reputation. It is essential for your customers to trust your brand to ensure no loyalty program accounts are being sold on the dark web, noted Tyczynski. He further said that with this new service built using historical member data, they are all set to score each enrollment in real-time to see whether it looks genuine or if it comes from a suspicious source. In the case of dubious sources, fraud prevention can proactively prevent these accounts from being created in the system, concluded Tyczynski. 

All of this requires minimum to no setup and absolutely zero rules to configure. Fraud prevention can be installed and seamlessly integrated with other Comarch or third-party solutions with the help of Web API or message brokers. Additionally, this entire solution can be delivered for integration tests within a couple of days from sharing historical data for machine model training. 

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About Comarch

Established in 1993, Comarch is a provider of global IT business solutions. Specializing in nurturing client relationships to maximize customer profitability, Comarch has extensive knowledge of IT solutions to deliver sophisticated software products to their clients. The company caters to many industries, including Airlines, Telecommunications, Finance & Banking, Retail & Wholesale, SME, and more. 

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