CommerceBlock is introducing easy-to-use web integrations for its MainStay attestation service into popular cloud storage platforms Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. It enables users to easily access their stored data, create cryptographic hash identifiers for their data, and validate them through the CommerceBlock MainStay validation service for testing in future to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Digitalizing everyday life and activities are growing and creates a huge, complicated flow of digital files for the average users. This also provides greater vulnerability to fraud and the misrepresentation of data as originality and authenticity is difficult to check. With the new MainStay cloud storage integrations, any user can easily create a single cryptographic hash for any original digital file and confirm it with the Bitcoin blockchain. It helps potential audiences to check the originality of the file independently. The independent verification function is valuable in any process that includes the sharing of digital documents or data among several parties, such as the legal sector, business, land registries, scientific papers and education certificates. MainStay is a special certifying application protocol that not only offers cryptographic evidence of an entire history of data or device transition but specific point-in-time data certificates. This ‘Proof-of-Immutable-State’ comes from a solid proof of operating blockchain, such as Bitcoin, without trust. MainStay uses a so called ‘Staychain,’ which uses a sequence of connected transactions to build one unbranched history backed by the proof of operation of the underlying blockchain. 

Nicholas Gregory, founder and CEO of CommerceBlock said that, there are a number of unique features that Bitcoin can use for other purposes. Its immutability creates a singular, globally accepted and common history timeline that MainStay uses to create encryption prints and evidence of any kind of data. After it has been approved, the original data point or file is a cryptographic index to which other files can be checked to show their originality and authenticity when shared with other third parties.

About CommerceBlock

They create the first technical network, to provide public blockchains with a combination of confidence-diminished business, decentralized contract execution, online derivatives and assets-backed token issue.

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