Conversocial customers will now be able to use Apple Business Chat to communicate with companies and organize their purchases in a convenient manner. Contacting customer services will become a much easier process, since Apple Business Chat brings chatbots and human contact centers under the same response segment for faster resolutions. Initiating a conversation will be simpler, and customers will only need to Tap the Message Icon for the business website. For iOS 13 users, a suggestion to start a Business Chat appears when they try to call a supported business phone number. Such functions provide more flexibility and customers can take their time to respond. Payments for any purchases can be made through Apple Pay without leaving the chat.

Conversocial will work on enhancing communication through multiple messaging channels, apart from developing virtual assistants for businesses with the aim of them complementing Apple Business Chat. Conversocial’s platform will derive more effectiveness and a faster solution range that essentially identifies with today’s business needs and adds to the capabilities of omnichannel functions. Bringing bots and agents on a single platform is set to streamline the sales outcome for businesses to a great extent. A UK based company, Lush cosmetics uses Conversocial’s Conversational Customer Experience Platform to connect with customers with Apple Business Chat. “We are really pleased to be offering Apple Business Chat to provide customers with an easy and convenient way of connecting with us,” stated Naomi Rankin, the company’s Customer Care Manager.

Businesses can expand their view on customer experiences and provide seamless purchase journeys altogether. Customers can control what information is being shared during a chat, which puts them further at ease with the conversation and process. Payment and complaint handling will be more transparent, engaging customers further.  Ido Bornstein-HaCohen, CEO of Conversocial expressed that the company was proud of supporting Apple Business Chat, since they offered powerful ways for businesses to connect with customers. He also highlighted the overall usefulness for businesses by stating, “Businesses that use Conversocial can easily sign up to use Apple Business Chat beta to power conversational messaging.” 

About Conversocial

Founded in 2012, Conversocial provides practical and effective methods for businesses to communicate with customers. Use of advanced software and intelligent automation has driven the purpose of enhancing experiences throughout the customer lifecycle. The company has portrayed a good understanding of demands related to the modern customer. 

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