Corsearch Inc., a global name in the intellectual property industry, is delighted to announce the acquisition of TrademarkNow, the leading legal tech company in the industry. The acquisition expands the search and monitoring capabilities of Corsearch trademarks, and further increases its global footprint. Trademark practitioners are in an extremely complex business environment and need a wider range of solutions that support their need for cooperation from anywhere and instantaneously. Together with its Legal Tech Innovators team, the addition of a smart, online platform from TrademarkNow will provide Corsearch customers with quick, integrated search, survey, and trademark protection options. It enhances Corsearch’s end-to-end platform, which provides users with integrated workflow, from initial trademark screening to anti-counterfeiting studies. 

Tobias Hartmann, CEO of Corsearch, said that they’re living by their ‘stronger together’ mantra by combining the best of class with TrademarkNow for Corsearch. By innovatively using machine learning, TrademarkNow reduces complexity and improves user efficiency. The business brings together the best talent in technology and trademarks in combination with Corsearch’s global data sets and a holistic approach to managing the lifecycle of trademarks.

Mikael Kolehmainen, CEO, and Co-founder of TrademarkNow said that TrademarkNow’s mission is to provide the best possible investment and strategic partnerships for the rapid and comprehensive search and monitoring of trademark services. Together with Corsearch, they can transform trademark professionals’ work in a secure, structured, and easy-to-use manner by providing immediate information.

About Corsearch:

Corsearch has supported the clearance, management, and protection of brands and legal professionals’ intellectual property rights for more than 70 years. It has become a trusted partner for thousands of customers through a combination of outstanding service and innovative technology. It is the only supplier in the marketing services industry to offer end-to-end solutions that support the full life cycle of a brand with 10 global offices and hundreds of trained analysts.

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About TrademarkNow:

TrademarkNow offers an intelligent web-based trademark management platform used to instantly search and monitor the results of companies, law firms, and branding agencies. The core of this is a unique model of artificial intelligence created by trademarks and linguistic experts.

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