officially announced that its Pay that offers a payment solution for online merchants, will now incorporate CRO payments from any ERC-20 wallet. This up-gradation of Pay will enable the merchants to extend their outreach and increase transaction volume by facilitating their customers with varied wallet options to spend CRO. Pay provides benefits of zero transaction fees besides only 0.5% for settlements, which constitutes around 80% of saving fees compared to typical payment processors. This feature offers easy integration and low volatility for merchants.

The augmentation of Pay enables the merchants to drive more adoption of payments from ERC-20 wallets. The entire crypto industry holds approximately 30 million+ ERC-20 wallets, which refers to a considerable market portion for merchants to attract and capture more crypto users. 

Kris Marszalek, Co-founder, and CEO of said that this capability marks a vital milestone in CRO utility, which is a significant step towards widespread CRO adoption. He added that now, any user with an ERC-20 wallet can transact with Pay merchants. Subsequently, the merchants will benefit from a large customer base using 30M+ ERC-20 wallets, irrespective of the wallet customers opt to use.

Benoît Pellevoizin, VP of Marketing at Ledger, said that they must inspire crypto adoption for all users as one of the most protuberant crypto industry players. He said that at Ledger, they are assured that crypto mass adoption will be brought by new services enabling regular digital usage such as eCommerce payments. He continued that Ledger is rejoiced to partner with by supporting CRO tokens on Ledger Live. Now, Ledger’s users will be able to pay in CRO ERC-20 tokens with Ledger Live on eCommerce websites supporting this new Pay feature.

Alen Salamun, CTO of BC Vault, exclaimed that this is what exactly blockchain is all about in the first place, and it is always nice to find a company as provides a real-world use case for their token (CRO). He said that since BC Vault hardware crypto wallet supports all ERC-20 tokens in existence and with the launch of the Pay system BC Vault, users can pay directly from within the BC Vault desktop application to any merchant supporting Pay on-chain payment. He commented that their valued customers would pay for their BC Vault hardware crypto wallet in their online store using any existing ERC-20 wallet holding CRO tokens. Pay has assisted merchants such as Ledger, Coinzilla, besides platforms such as WooCommerce and Oveit, to take advantage of the global cryptocurrency economy crypto on their website since inception in 2018. Besides the ERC-20 wallet integration, users can benefit from CRO cashback known as Pay Rewards for all payments made in CRO deposited in the user’s App.

Till Sept 30th, 2020, customers making transactions with wallets apart from App have the privilege of 2X Pay Rewards having 10,000 CRO staked in Exchange or else with an immediate 3 Months Earn term, which constitutes around 10% of Pay Rewards. In case the email provided by the customer is not linked with a App account, the Pay Rewards can still be claimed through a verification process within 90 days.


The esteemed was founded in 2016 to believe that it’s a fundamental human right for everyone to control their money, data, and identity. currently serves over 3 million customers globally, facilitating them with a powerful alternative to traditional financial services through the App, the Card, and Exchange. is headquartered in Hong Kong with a 500+ strong team. 

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