The Crypto Parrot team that offers a simulator for cryptocurrency trading has released a method to monitor the distances. In this method, the top ten cryptocurrencies must travel before hitting the moon. On the platform, one dollar equals one kilometer (0.62 miles).

The distance traveled in 24 hours is calculated by multiplying the nominal price change of each cryptocurrency by the percentage change in the previous 24 hours.

The ‘Crypto Moon’ tool displays the total distance traveled by each cryptocurrency in 24 hours, the remaining distance, and the amount of fuel needed (market capitalization) to reach the moon.

The tool’s data is revised every ten minutes and is based on a distance of 384,400 kilometers (238,856 miles) between the earth and the moon.The projected market capitalization of the Crypto Moons is determined by multiplying the circulating supply by 384,400, which is the desired price point.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly common as investment diversifiers and a store of value.

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