MCS (, a Cryptocurrency Derivative Trading Platform has announced the launch of its TestNet. Along with the launch, they have organized various events for traders, starting from 13th April. The events are set to be conducted over a period of four weeks. Bug Bounty, BTC/USDT Perpetual Mock Trading Competition, and Early Bird Registration are all part of MCS’s innovative steps to invite opinions and understand trader experiences. It will highlight the initial flaws and allow traders to participate for commission benefits. 

The platform, developed with the help of experts in the sector, is set to allow traders a better opportunity to continue with their trading activities confidently, owing to forward-looking solutions and the application of improved technology. A multi-position function has been introduced, through which three positions can be managed by traders at any given point. With exposure to lesser positions, the level of diversification is restricted, but the new multi-function option is practical for traders looking at hedging strategies and preferring to hold different leverage for each position. Dong Wook Seo, CEO of Rade Lab Inc., the developer company of MCS, expressed his views, “as you can see from the slogan, #Be_a_Trader, MCS has a great mission to provide a real ‘trading’ experience through various functions and training materials.”

Perpetual contracts are an effective way to take advantage of the changes in fluctuation of asset prices and higher volumes in cryptocurrency trade can be seen in this segment. Profits can be made even in bearish conditions, using leverage to control larger amount of equity in the market. MCS is keen on providing traders a platform that is free from system inconsistencies and unnecessarily triggering of liquidation by addressing the key issues involved. The BTC/USD trading pair is handled by a limited number of exchanges, leaving the lack of liquidity and reference points to result in systematic errors and ideally-avoidable liquidation. MCS uses BTC/USDT trading pair to protect the interest of traders against such situations.

About MCS

MCS is a Cryptocurrency Derivative Platform headquartered Seychelles. It is a platform that has been created compiling together the insights from experts working in financial and blockchain industries. They aim to provide traders the feasibility and seamless trading experience, inspiring authenticity. Streamlined customer support and next-gen systems offer traders a reliable experience overall.

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