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AnChain.AI, a blockchain analytics company from the San Francisco Bay Area, has announced a collaboration with, Europe’s leading source of cheap, hassle-free cryptocurrency. It aims to improve AML/CFT efforts and security infrastructure and address an increasingly growing cryptocurrency sector’s challenges.

AnChain is an acronym for “anchor chain.” According to Adel Ghouma, CBO and Co-founder of, AI’s robust blockchain ecosystem intelligence infrastructure plays an instrumental role in their efforts to create the most stable and easy-to-use crypto platform. They are delighted to collaborate with Anchain. AI’s talented team is working toward making the crypto space safe and open to all.

The demand for cryptocurrency has never been higher, fuelled by significant investments such as $36 billion from leading digital asset manager Greyscale and the approximately $44 billion in crypto ETPs (Exchange Traded Products) sold in February 2021 alone. Around the same time, the NFT industry has recently exploded, putting it on track to surpass the $67 billion physical art market. Stable and open marketplaces with robust AML/CFT (Anti-Money Laundering / Combating the Financing of Terrorism) protocols have become increasingly important in the face of such frantic demand.

AnChain now backs Cryptovoucher’s commitment to making cryptocurrencies more accessible to the general public through its exclusive crypto gift cards. AI’s BEI (Blockchain Ecosystem Intelligence) real-time API enhances ongoing AML/CFT initiatives by providing live visibility into blockchain entities, illegal transactions, and licensed entities, ensuring a stable blockchain ecosystem. Customer experience in the virtual asset marketplace that is fully compliant.

AnChain.AI CEO and Co-Founder Victor Fang, Ph.D. commented they are excited to partner with security-minded VASPs like, taking the lead in developing secure, open cryptocurrency marketplaces for the European customer base.

AnChain is an acronym for “anchor chain.” AI’s AI-powered intelligence is bolstering the security infrastructure of leading VASPs (Virtual Asset Service Providers) in more than a dozen countries. It includes FalconX and Paretone Capital in the United States and Amber Group in Asia, securing more than $10 million in regular transaction volume and ensuring full regulatory compliance with the latest guidelines from FATF, OFAC, FinCEN, and MAS in Singapore and 5AML Directive in EU.

AnChain.AI is proud to work with international businesses dedicated to a more stable crypto future. All VASP vendors should thoroughly assess the three pillars of blockchain security: infrastructure, code, and transactions.


Crypto Voucher is a website that was created in 2017 to make purchasing cryptocurrencies easier. They accept over 500 different payment methods to purchase their exclusive crypto gift card (crypto voucher), which can be exchanged instantly for various cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Voucher is a new peer-to-peer marketplace that allows users to exchange gift cards for cryptocurrency.

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About AnChain.AI

AnChain is an acronym for “anchor chain.” AI was created in 2018 by cybersecurity and enterprise software veterans from FireEye, Mandiant, and McAfee to improve blockchain security, risk, and enforcement strategies. Amino and SIG, two Silicon Valley and Wall Street venture capital firms, backed the startup, chosen for the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.

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