The new Thinfinity Remote Desktop 6.0 from Cybele Software continues the company’s commitment of providing the most secure access to business-critical apps on any device. Thinfinity Remote Desktop is no longer restricted to the distribution of Windows apps. Its new Web VPN function, which includes an inventive built-in reverse proxy. This enables administrators to provide immediate and secure access to intranet apps to anyone, regardless of their operating system.

Furthermore, owing to Thinfinity’s H264 technology, GPU-intensive applications are no longer a concern, allowing users to run even the most processor-intensive programs with no discernible latency. Thinfinity now uses H264 to broadcast all video and graphic information, resulting in improved performance and resource efficiency on the remote system. Remote users may now run GPU-intensive programs directly from the cloud while maintaining the same powerful local-like desktop experience they’ve grown accustomed to.

Thinfinity Remote Desktop 6.0’s new bi-directional audio capabilities can use the actual audio elements of a remote workstation regardless of location. This is particularly handy for audio calling programmes like Teams, Zoom, and VoIP clients. Thinfinity is becoming the ideal option for virtual call centers with this novel technology.

While remote access solutions frequently enable file transfer over remote sessions, the technique has typically required numerous stages. Users now enjoy one-step upload and download for any file they need to be working with between locations due to the implementation of a web bridge in the Thinfinity Remote Desktop big release.

The fact that remote access now includes both remote domain and remote location is maybe the most intriguing aspect of this technology. Users can now securely cross domains and be authenticated against any remote active directory with a handshake, and then be mapped to a corresponding user account created on-demand on the application end. The launch of the Thinfinity Remote AD Service has made all of this possible. Thinfinity’s secured architecture makes it possible because it doesn’t require any open TCP ports or firewall exceptions. Thinfinity Remote Desktop 6.0, with its expanded multi-domain features, provides the agility that today’s massive corporate conglomerates require.

About Cybele Software

Cybele Software is a major developer of software solutions that allow businesses to build on their existing technology base by integrating into cutting-edge technical innovations. They’ve been assisting companies and government agencies in bridging the gap between cutting-edge technologies and tried-and-true client/server and mainframe platforms since 2002. Their team of highly skilled programmers work hard to create adaptable software that improves the efficiency and portability of remote desktop access and legacy systems. They can support anything from improving the user interface of a mainframe application to enabling remote Web access to Windows desktop applications.

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