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Cybriant, a pioneer in managed cybersecurity offerings, recently launched CybriantXDR, an extensive threat detection and remediation service. CybriantXDR is a comprehensive cyber security system that delivers diverse visibility throughout an agency’s endpoints, network, and cloud workloads. This platform allows for significantly improved detection and mitigation of cyber threats by providing a more comprehensive picture of the situation.

Cybriant security analysts constantly monitor the threat landscape using CybriantXDR tools, which include machine learning algorithms and behavioural analytics. This rigorous intelligence enables more sophisticated risk assessment over a broader range of threats.

CybriantXDR also offers compliance. Next-generation EDR and vulnerability management integrated with SIEM gives organizations compliance with widely accepted regulations and guidelines.

They developed CybriantXDR for medium-sized business owners that are experiencing a cyber-threat, adherence, and the skills shortage crisis, stated Cybriant CEO, Jeff Uhlich. This organization can be deeply safeguarded by employing enterprise-grade technologies and a 24/7 team of security experts.

CybriantXDR aims to assist its security team get a more responsive and efficient identification and remediation of malicious activities.

About Cybriant

Cybriant supports companies in making informed business decisions while also sustaining the effectiveness of their cyber risk management programs. We offer comprehensive and customizable strategic and managed cybersecurity services. Risk Assessments, vCISO, 24/7 Managed Security Intelligence, 24/7 MDR, 24/7 Real-Time Vulnerability Scanning with Patch Management are provided. Cyber security is available to businesses of all sizes.

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