CyVolve has further strengthened its Management Board by a recent, significant addition to the creative data protection company. John N. Stewart, former Chief Security and Trust Officer for CISCO, will be introduced to CyVolve, as the new Chairman of the board, with more than 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. 

CyVolve CEO Helder F. Antunes said, John is one of the most experienced professionals in the industry and his experience and insights will improve business strategies there. He could easily have joined the board of any Fortune 100 company and yet he chose them, both for the team and for the technology there. They look forward to working in near partnership with John to bring CyVolve to the next level.

Stewart left the company in March 2020 after 17 years at CISCO to pursue his interests and undertake new projects. He is an angel investor, whisperer and anti-poacher activist of his firm, Talons Ventures. He also sits on the board of many other information security organizations including Code Dx, Focal Point Data Risk and SpyCloud. Stewart holds a Degree of computer science and Is at the University of Syracuse. Since its inception, he has been employed in cybersecurity as an IT specialist. He is considered one of the industry leaders by his experience, expertise and credibility in the industry.

John Stewart said that he couldn’t wait to start. A security industry called it cyber management for a long time and then concentrated on data protection systems. If the new technology-led approach is turned on, CyVolve begins with the details. The effect that they wanted for a long time is exciting. 

About CyVolve

Headquartered in Vienna, VA, CyVolve’s data management operating system (CyOSTM) is used worldwide for the security, exchange and management of important data, while keeping the data under full control. To provide robust cybersecurity across a complex range of networks, environments, databases, and technology from legacy systems to Hardware and IoT, CyOSTM utilizes a combination of hierarchical encryption and deep AI analytics.

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