HeroX, the crowdsourcing and collaboration network founded by XPRIZE’s creators, and BurstIQ, the healthcare industry’s leading blockchain-based, encrypted data solutions provider, today announced their partnership to merge data-driven collective wisdom with crowdsourced creativity, creating an open and accessible network for collaborative research and innovation.

HeroX’s crowdsourcing resources would be available for Research Foundry, BurstIQ’s collaborative testing site, where researchers and innovators will securely access more than 100 health-relevant databases, technology development resources, and COVID-19 relevant innovation challenges.

Innovators participating in competitions on HeroX’s network, like COVID-19 Central, will be able to leverage data and application development tools through Research Foundry to accelerate discovery and growth. An enhanced range of services will be rolled out to all consumers in the next step.

According to Frank Ricotta, who is also BurstIQ’s CEO, the pace of research and innovation could be increased by exchanging ideas and data securely without losing their control of those ideas and a structured process to manage those partnerships in order to capture and codify the generated value.

“This collaboration tackles both and enables HeroX and BurstIQ to extend our joint business reach,” said Ricotta. “The result is a global science and innovation network involving millions of minds.”

On the other hand, HeroX CEO Christian Cotichini said they believed in the power of human imagination and there is simply no problems that they can’t solve by working together. In addition, integrating with BurstIQ provides safe and reliable access to key health data to the global crowd’s almost unlimited problem-solving capacity.

Cotichini acknowledged that the COVID-19 Central resource hub is an ever-growing ecosystem of more than 50 organizations, an example of an initiative that will benefit from this partnership. He believes, “This powerful combination will speed up the global response to the pandemic.”

Both firms are known to support highly engaged communities of researchers and innovators worldwide. This partnership will foster collaboration between global communities HeroX and BurstIQ, providing the tools and cross-promotional activities to foster connections, sharing of knowledge, and discovery.

About BurstIQ™ 

BurstIQ is the leading blockchain enabled data solutions provider for the healthcare industry. The private, permitted data network of the company combines blockchain, big data, machine intelligence, and granular data ownership and consent to build multi-dimensional people, places, and things profiles and empower the connections between them. The result is a global, secure network of data that enables companies, entrepreneurs and governments to collaborate, share, discover and build the impossible.

For more info contact https://www.burstiq.com/

About HeroX

HeroX is a social crowdsourcing technology and human creativity network, co-founded in 2013 by Peter Diamandis, XPRIZE Founder and Futurist with the serial entrepreneur, Christian Cotichini. HeroX offers a turnkey, easy-to-use platform that supports anybody, anywhere, using the power of the crowd to solve daily business and world challenges.

Explore the latest challenges at www.herox.com

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