AU10TIX, a company working on next-gen authentication technologies, has appointed well-renowned thought-leader David G.W Birch to its Advisory Board. Mr. Birch’s capabilities and focus on the convergence of identity and payments are set to work in tandem with AU10TIX’s growth strategies, the use of advanced technologies and automation modules. The company has been dealing with cloud-based, machine learning, ID verification processes that add value to various business formats and decision-making. “As a recognized leader in the space David could have joined any number of identity companies, we are humbled and excited that he chose to join us at AU10TIX,” stated Carey Kolaja, President and COO. 

Holding a number of board-level advisory positions, Mr. Birch has years of experience and expertise, offering valuable insights for progress, and has been primarily involved in leading companies to achieve their core objectives. Apart from playing an important role in introducing new planning and strategizing methods for product and service development, he is a visiting professor at The University of Surrey Business School as well. Author of the book, ‘Identity is the New Money’, his views on digital money and digital identity have been well received. 

Mr. Birch has shown enthusiasm in joining the company; the company being at an important phase of organization and development. He further acknowledged the company’s global presence and their achievements in the technology field, other than portraying interest in being an addition to a well-established management team. The new appointment is being directed to enhance AU10TIX’s portfolio of solutions and boost its growth prospects effectively. With the rapid changes in technology, its rate of adoption worldwide and overall challenging environment, Mr. Birch’s input will be crucial, since he has experience working in various regions across the globe, and understands the complexities beyond the usual trends and market conditions. 

About AU10TIX

AU10TIX is a subsidiary of ICTS International, which was founded in the year 1982. AU10TIX pioneered Multi-channel Secure Customer Onboarding, and today, work with popular Global brands. They provide sophisticated authentication services, comprising of smart concepts that are aimed to eliminate human interference. Advanced security structures and analytical methods are designed by them and applied for verification purposes and other business needs. 

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Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date April 10, 2020

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