By 2025, the worldwide datasphere will have grown to 175 zettabytes (about 175 billion terabytes). Businesses require high-performance database software to store and manage their data as they handle more and more data. DBMS (Database Management Software) enables users to store various data types in multiple formats while keeping their information safe from dangerous third parties.

DesignRush is a B2B network that connects organizations with agencies. DesignRush has prepared a list of the best subscription-based and free database software for 2021.

Knack, Oracle RDBMS, Altibase, Improvado, Microsoft SQL, Amazon RDS, IBM DB2, Claris FileMaker, MongoDB, Redis, Snowflake, and Teradata Vantage are among the list of best database software for 2021.

SQLite and Postgre SQL are two of the most popular free database programs. On DesignRush, brands can look for the best database software based on features and prices.

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