DesignRush, a B2B marketplace that connects brands and organizations, used its 9,000-strong agency network to get brief insights – or “QuickSights” – on the latest SEO optimization trends. 

SEO is responsible for 53.3 per cent of website visitors. Because of Google’s emphasis on the user interface, this percentage has risen substantially.

With the emergence of RankBrain, a customer-focused search algorithm, more natural language identification, customer experience statistics like time on page and bounce rates, and qualitative factors like sentence grammatical structures, Google has moved away from keyword stuffing.

In fact, according to DesignRush SEO specialists, 2021 SEO tends to focus more on the UX rather than on keywords, advising businesses to tailor their websites primarily to the needs of the customer.

These are the SEO trends to look out for in 2021, according to SEO experts:

  1. UX is not Just for the Consumer: While enterprises produce content for their target audience, Katja Breitwieser, Co-Owner of Social Sellinator, claims that algorithms aid from the same user experience. Breitwieser stated that A decent user experience makes all the difference.  Easy navigation is critical because it allows Google’s crawlers to inspect one’s information and rank ones SERPs. Users can enhance one’s rankings, lower their bounce rate, and increase conversions by using good headings, short paragraphs, and structured folders, as well as a mobile-friendly website. 
  1. Websites that tell a story about their brand will do well online:  The market recognizes that digital marketing remains the most effective medium for promotional strategy. Chris Lo, Principal & Creative Director of Matcha Design, discussed what the market expects from brands in 2021 and how this will impact online performance. The core of one’s online presence is their website, Lo explained. One’s User Experience determines whether or not one’s users will land and stay (UX). When marketing to Millennials and Gen Z, keep in mind that they are socially aware and dislike being “sold”. Instead, they value a one-of-a-kind, original story that is both honest and heartfelt.
  1. Technologies that enhance the user experience will assist in the advancement of SEO: New technologies aimed at taking online experiences to the next level were born due to the focus on consumer experience. Vyacheslav Konyshev, a WebMeridian SEO Specialist, discussed how these functionalities would impact SEO and digital marketing in the coming years. We are seeing more voice search and augmented reality features being integrated into eCommerce stores, Konyshev said. In the future, these technologies will be needed to increase conversions, increase sales, and strengthen the brand.

DesignRush published a list of top search engine optimization specialists in June to help companies keep pace with the dynamic digital landscape:

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