DeskTrading has announced the final development of the new XMarkets Mobile Trading Platform to encourage investors and retailers to preferably use Android and iOS mobile devices. In September 2020, the app will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, with trading tools consisting of major Forex currency pairs, digital cryptocurrency and stock and commodities CFOs – gold, silver, crude oil and more. XMarkets mobile dealer trading apps will help users to analyze financial markets news and market analysis. They also offer upcoming economic market events through real-time currency rates, trading positions, currency shakers and a powerful trading chart. The XMarkets platform enables real-time access and interaction with everything on the FX market. With the XMarkets Desktop Platform, the mobile app looks like DeskTrading, a brain behind the software.

Alex Gruber, Head Trader, EU Trading Desk, DeskTrading said that, XMarkets apps will help traders who want to engage in currency trading or investing in SMAs can easily get on board that they don’t have to be financial market experts and that professional portfolio managers are handed over responsibility.

The user-friendly XMarkets platform is an important addition to the toolkit of all traders and XDesk customers, which will use it on their mobiles, desktops and web-based trading platforms. Customers in XDesk will always have guaranteed access to essential trading tools and financial instruments on their mobile devices.

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