Itiviti, a leading technology and service provider to financial institutions round worldwide confirmed its collaboration with Diginex. Diginex is a digital asset financial services and advisory company that associates with institutional investors, corporations and government. The demand from institutional investors to include digital assets in their portfolio is what led to this partnership. This would be done all the while utilizing flexible and scalable connectivity based on FIX; a renowned industry messaging standard.

Itiviti’s global NYFIX connectivity platform that gives the clients a FIX-based order routing network would prove to be beneficial to Diginex and its clientele base. NYFIX is a FIX community that connects buy-side, sell-side and trading sites with a flexible routing network without the help of any brokers. This network connects over 1,600 buy-side and trading venues round every asset class. Talking about their decision of partnering up with NYFIX, CEO of Diginex Richard Byworth has stated that in order to deliver enhanced access and a well regulated infrastructure to institutions and suave investors, NYFIX was the first name that came to their mind. 

CEO of Itiviti, Rob Mackay, expressed their excitement over work with Diginex by saying that, with NYFIX rapidly transforming into the de-facto network for the provision of access to digital asset venues and Diginex being the leader in charge of institutionalization of digital assets, it would be an ideal partnership leading to new business heights.

About Diginex

Founded in 2018 by Miles Pelham, Diginex is a world leader in providing technology and advisory to financial institutions through their innovative blockchain solutions. They offer credible and easily accessible insight about the digital assets, capital markets, insured custody etc. A firm believer in collaborative approach, Diginex helps in making digital assets more accessible and business process a smoother.

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About Itiviti

Owned by Nordic Capital, which is a world leader in private equity investments, Itiviti is a global technology and service provider. They provide revolutionary trading solutions to help financial institutions round the world to achieve their long term goals. With over 2,000 clients in more than 50 countries, Itiviti serves top-tier banks, brokers and trading firms. Headquartered in Stockholm, Itiviti guides their clients through regulatory change.

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