, a primary independent review website for the small company’s online tools, goods, and services, chose JobNimbus as one of the best roofing software businesses of 2021. The best solutions were chosen based on their crucial functionality and reporting capabilities.

JobNimbus Co-Founder and CEO Ben Hodson remarked that this rating demonstrates how far the company has progressed as a product and organization. According to Hodson, is a valuable resource for those trying to grow their business, so their recognition of JobNimbus is a significant compliment. This is the latest in a segment of accolades for JobNimbus in recent months.

JobNimbus and other solutions had to enable extensive scheduling and photo capturing tools to be chosen. Platforms that allow users to effortlessly email estimates to clients, collect payments, and generate financial reports were analyzed by experts. The study also looked at reporting features that can be used to track development and measure company performance.

The study team at spent 40 hours evaluating over 55 solutions. Visit to get the complete list of the top roofing software.

About JobNimbus

JobNimbus is a software firm based in Lehi, Utah, that provides project management, CRM platform, and growth services to contractors and business owners in the home services construction market. JobNimbus has grown its products across 11 home service industries since its inception in 2013, specialized in roofing, solar installation, and exterior upgrades.

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