Digital Water technology will bring in innovative and useful solutions, aiding water and wastewater industries. The IDTechEx report, ‘Digital Water Networks 2020-2030,’ discusses the market scope, players and potential for this new technology field. The report provides comprehensive information covering various processes, sensors and solutions offered by top players in the water and wastewater treatment markets. Moreover, a detailed study of various aspects in the field and expected influence over the next decade are also available. 

A digital or ‘smart’ water network is such that it has multiple capabilities, complete with sensors and the application of IoT technology. The user is provided the tools to run the network efficiently. Water utilities will be able to monitor and recognize maintenance issues in the water network and prioritize accordingly. Since all aspects of the water distribution network can be controlled remotely, timely measures can be adopted to avoid disruption. 

‘Digital Water Networks 2020-2030’ provided valuable insights on how sensors in the water network can lead to better maintenance and management. A wide range of chemicals and pollution levels can be measured in real-time, which means additional safety since water quality can be tracked throughout the network. It is important that sensors of different sizes and shapes are made available in the market that can be used for various purposes suitably. Distribution pipe sizes vary from the main network to the distribution areas, pipe quality and material are often different, and wastewater pipe contents may negate the use of certain mechanisms. 

Digital Water technology benefits the utilities industry as monitoring the network and distribution pipes is transformed into a seamless process. Among other practical applications, real-time consumption patterns can be identified using data provided by smart water meters. Water demand response is faster and assists pressure regulation within the network. Complying with regulations and policies on water quality and conservation becomes easier and transparent. 

The technology is also useful for consumers, since data insights such as water usage and consumption patterns will be available to them, apart from more detailed bills and updated readings. Based on this, they can modify their consumption and clarify any increase in usage with the utilities company in case they suspect a leak. Using new data insights, utilities companies can communicate with consumers frequently and engage them in multiple ways for additional support.

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