The tech-enabled investment platform, DiversyFund, which provides wealth-building tools to non-accredited investors, experienced significant growth in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, Fintech has seen strong growth in its customers, exceeding the 13,350 mark, whose mission is to democratize investment in alternatives by providing investment access for all. DiversyFund has responded to these growths by expanding internally, recruiting two new senior management talents across alternative investment areas, and introducing new features and services. Throughout the 2020 period, consumers ‘ growing interest in using online investment technologies has driven this period of rapid growth, showing that day-to-day US investors are more than ever urging financial security.

Craig Cecilio, CEO of DiversyFund commented that, in times of increasing financial uncertainty, the wealth gaps are widening, so no wonder they saw such an interest in their first wealth-creation investor platform. The year 2020, when political, social and economic turmoil converges, is seen by everyday consumers as a crucial time to build long-term wealth. 99% require a high level of access to investment and the ability to achieve financial freedom.

DiversyFund has recruited a variety of top talent from the alternative investment industry, such as two new senior management positions, to maintain momentum during this pivotal period. Isaac Dixon will join as VP of Development and Van Vogel will join as EVP of Real Estate. The newly strengthened team is helping to drive the company’s future growth and help DiversyFund technology further close America’s wealth gap. There have been eight new contracts in the company in recent months. DiversyFund meets the growing period by enhancing its platform and developing new services. DiversyFund is launching its first Free Training this month to inform, educate, and empower its daily investment community to take over its financial future. Numerous new features are the real-time investment portfolio monitoring tools that will be launched later.

Cecilio added that it is time for real democratized investment through technology. They provide accessible financial education for all with their supported team and new features, while at the same time working towards their core mission – to bridge the gap in wealth. Technology has become part of the equal investment, and their capabilities are constantly evolving so that their communities can invest as much as 1%. They will be able to increase their growth to meet rising market demand by expanding its industry experts’ team.

About DiversyFund

DiversyFund was launched in 2016, currently with $25 million in AUM and approximately $75 million in assets under management. It is a financial technology company that has created CEO Craig Cecilio, CIO Alan Lewis, to provide an alternative investment platform that everyone can access. They work with investors every day to train them to make their portfolio and investment goals the best investment choice.

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