In response to the increasing demand for new products among crypto-users and increasing fees on the Ethereum network, DMEX, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, has initiated public trade in derivatives without gas fees. The announcement comes after thorough research of the platform’s features has demonstrated its efficient functioning and seamless user experience.

By using the xDAI sidechain to process trading transactions, DMEX significantly decreased gas fees to a near-zero level while keeping user funds stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The transition makes it possible for traders to place an order starting at $10. Users can now send xDAI trading contract withdrawal requests to the Ethereum custody contract, avoiding gas fees.

With BTC, ETH, or DAI as margin currencies, DMEX allows customers to choose trading pairs and perpetual contracts with up to 100x leverage. The ability to maintain full custody of funds while trading and no KYC procedures are among the benefits that set DMEX aside from other crypto exchanges.

As the market is moving away from centralized trading to decentralized platforms, the user experience and new market options provided by DMEX have seen tremendous growth among professional traders searching for more dependable platforms free from third-party pressure. Traders also provide exchanges such as DMEX, their lack of KYC requirements, the consideration and support networks that support their development, the need for confidentiality, and the desire to abstain from the restrictions set by regulations.

The DMEX development team intends to expand the platform’s functional capabilities. To expand the list of tradable assets and attract wider user audiences, plans for the near future include adding new currency pairs and margin currencies. The exchange aims to increase its market position and take up a larger portion of the decentralized trading sector, based on the expansion of product offering and user value.

About DMEX

DMEX is the first decentralized margin exchange offering derivatives trading with zero gas fees and no KYC specifications with up to 100x leverage. DMEX ensures safe trading services operated by Ethereum smart contracts, ensuring that only users can access and regulate their private information and investments.

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