Dramz Global LLC, an international software conglomerate with its teams worldwide, announces its video streaming app vRockk. The company developed this app to create a social media platform with a difference that rewards the content creators. The company aims to put the content creators at the forefront, reflected by the company’s tagline: “Together.”

vRockk provides a social media platform for video creation and streaming. The platform intends to work together with content creators and ensure its visual, ethical, and production quality. The app has a simple vision to bring all the talent from all facets of life to the limelight and to make sure they are recognized for their efforts, rewarded for their skills, and become celebrities in their own right.

This app will be easy to use and navigate due to its aesthetic design, user-friendly interface. The lucrative gifts and coin system will encourage vloggers and content creators to generate a revenue stream from within the app. With a simplified monetary system for end-user, vRockk enables them to receive gifts and ultimately encash those gifts.

An international team with a background in the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and India, developed and launched vRockk. Global exposure has enabled the team to understand the audience in various regions of the world. The app features are developed accordingly to provide superior experiences to the people worldwide. Initially, the app will be launched in 50 countries in North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

By offering and engaging experience to end-users, the Tech-savvy team at Dramz Global LLC is geared to achieve excellence. The app’s continuous development and enhancement ensure exciting features to be offered with every significant update.

About Dramz Global LLC

Dramz Global provides a suite of blended technologies to power SMB, enterprises, and startups to succeed in a razor-sharp competitive world. The company understands, analyzes, evaluates, conceptualize, recommends, and crystallize projects that lead to your success. 

To know more, visit https://www.dramzglobal.com

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