Duke Energy has launched Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions. This new commercial label brings together services and products from several Duke Energy affiliates, including Duke Energy Renewables, REC Solar, and Duke Energy One, under one umbrella.

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions provides private and public companies, government-led organizations, and educational establishments with customized clean energy and resourceful infrastructure solutions at scale. The new brand represents a substantial step ahead in associating customers with advanced, future-focused sustainable energy solutions that will impact corporations and the environment.

The organization draws on Duke Energy’s extensive industry knowledge to provide customers with the sustainable energy solutions they want and need. Besides, this would uplift them to execute more robust, more resilient operations that will enable them to reach their resiliency, sustainability, and clean energy objectives.

Chris Fallon, president, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, stated that they understand that consumers are searching for energy solutions that can support them and make a real difference in their communities while also aiding their profitability. They integrate years of expertise in project development, operations, and financing to formulate groundbreaking solutions that fit within customers’ current infrastructure. Or enable the user to develop new renewable energy or resiliency solutions that will resolve their issues and allow them to make a real difference in their communities.

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions provides advanced technology and the newest advancements to establish sustainable and intelligent solutions, uplifting corporations to make a visual impact, help reduce emission levels, and obtain resiliency with future-focused solutions customized to their business strategy, sector, and physical location, from funding to organizing, installation and commissioning to management.

Robert Vary, Senior Vice President, Sales and Relationship Management at Duke Energy, commented that it has become clear that consumers would profit from a strategic associate who can assess their sustainable development, resiliency, and ESG goals holistically. Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions enables them to provide a holistic approach to sustainable development and resiliency to their customers, whether it’s microgrid solutions, backup generation, or power purchase agreements for on-premise or utility-scale wind or solar. They assess their customers’ requirements and create personalized strategies to help them achieve their overall objectives.

About Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions

Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions is a pioneer in sustainable energy, assisting large corporations in lowering power costs, reducing emissions, and increasing resiliency. Over 1,000 projects with a total electric capacity of more than 5,100 megawatts of nonregulated renewable energy are served by the team, including wind, solar, resilient backup power, and managed energy services. Duke Energy is a Fortune 150 company and one of the largest energy holding companies in the U.S. They are headquartered in Charlotte, N.C.

For more information, visit https://sustainablesolutions.duke-energy.com

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