On December 17, the e4m Xaxis Programmatic Summit, a platform that attracts industry leaders, marketing professionals, brand creators, and the entire suite of digital marketing in India and beyond, was held virtually.

Considering the boom of digital marketing in the advertising, branding, and media spheres ever since the pandemic, it’s critical to retain the ecosystem’s dynamic development. By providing data-driven analytic insights, the e4m-Xaxis Report 2022 is aiming for an interactive interface for marketing agencies and digital brands in this ever-expanding market.

Which is why, the first discussion of the day, titled ‘The Importance of Omnichannel Integration,’ ended up taking an in-depth look at why brands in all marketplaces need to mobilise their advertising initiatives  and  marketing resources into an omnichannel approach.

The session was chaired by Akash Deep Batra, Head of Marketing, Growth, and Customer Experience, DBS Bank and featured the following panellists.

1. Harshit Jain, Founder and Global CEO, Doceree

2. Pankaj Singh Parihar, VP and Head – Digital Marketing and Transformation, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

3. Smita Murarka, CMO, Duroflex

4. Hiren Shah, Founder, Vertoz Adtech and Martech Business Group

5. Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma

The engaging session witnessed Batra starting the discussion with one of the key aspects of programmatic advertising, which is establishing the measures on why brands should leverage omnichannel media marketing initiatives. 

Batra says that consumer journeys, which were once quite straightforward, have evolved to become much more complex, owing primarily to the impact of digital consumer behavior. A figure that always amazes him is that when buying the product, a consumer will use an average of six touch-points, with half of them using more than four. This implies that consumers have quite a lot more choice, access to a plethora of information and choices along with high standards for their purchasing behavior.

Muraka wholeheartedly agreed, acknowledging that omnichannel is the principal tool for India to embrace digital consumerism today. Duroflex is a 50-year-old organisation, and for the vast majority of time, their sales have been executed in person. However, they now have a remarkable online presence. As direct-to-consumer relationships have always been important to them, they will provide the same experience in-store and online. But, whether it is an established or new brand, online presence is critical, since more than 60% of brands are discovered on the web today, which signifies digital has displaced a lot of other mainstream press when it comes to advertising and making an unique selling point.

In response to the current use of Programmatic and Omnichannel, Shah stated that his business Vertoz scoured through large datasets every day, logging reams of information and observations.

He opined that they are marketing and advertising, and they have a presence both online and offline. In order to create the omnichannel, both adtech and martech are required. When it comes to data set, India continues to lag behind the West since countless companies are still focused on customer experience rather than data collection. Organizations need to invest in data processing and platform development for data collection at the source in order to effectively create that omnichannel presence.

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