The no-code platform for building and enhancing digital customer journeys, EasySend, appoints Jim Moran and Gene Crawley as its newest Advisory Board members. Moran and Crawley will incorporate their thorough backgrounds in scaling companies at the leading position and delivering innovative user experiences, respectively, to navigate EasySend through its crucial stage of growth.

Following 23 years of experience as a technology executive and board member at 30 companies, such as those acquired by DocuSign and Pegasystems, Jim Moran joins EasySend. Having accomplished four leading liquidity events to-date, Moran has extensive experience scaling companies into big enterprises. He is also well acquainted in designing go-to-market strategies for low-code/no-code platforms and digital user experience solutions, which will undoubtedly enhance EasySend’s position in the industry.

Gene Crawley is a distinguished technology executive and board member with over two decades of experience delivering innovative customer experience and digital transformation. He is especially adept in implementing accuracy and effectiveness in self-service and assisted-service customer journeys that reliably deliver high customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter ratings (NPS). His engineering and integration solutions for architecture serve him well in many sectors, including insurance, telecommunications, consumer products, and more.

Tal Daskal, CEO and Co-Founder of EasySend, said that almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, companies seeking to gain competitive advantage and or stay alive and thriving are turning to no-code solutions primarily in the financial and insurance industries. Having endured technology executives and board members like Jim and Gene will give them the drive and skill they need to proceed with excellent efficiency and business finesse to meet this increasing market requirement head-on. They are proud and honored to join their ranks with these movers and shakers.

He is thrilled to join EasySend both in the company’s strategic success and in the era of digital transformation at such a crucial moment, said Moran. He hopes to help EasySend accomplish its fullest potential through my role as an Advisory Board member.

EasySend has already accomplished so much to date and has demonstrated itself to be a digital transformation leader without code, said Crawley. He hopes to bring EasySend to higher levels of accuracy efficiency in operations and customer service with his industry experience.

The no-code platform of EasySend allows companies to convert manual, paper-based processes into digital journeys. Without any coding through a simple drag-and-drop interface, these digital journeys can be constructed, evaluated, and configured by non-technical staff. This frees up IT teams from day-to-day maintenance issues and encourages staff across the company in as little as a few days to build an exceptional digital customer experience.

About EasySend

By encouraging insurance carriers, banks, and financial services to convert manual, paper-based procedures into strong digital experiences on any device, EasySend leads the way for a digital future. With its groundbreaking no-code development platform, EasySend empowers companies to deliver new digital journeys quicker and improve the customer experience at a lower cost. EasySend allows real-time information about customer interactions by utilizing AI and machine learning, enabling processes to be efficient and merely advanced. The organization was established in 2016 and has branches in the United States, Germany, and head office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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