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EEE 2.0 LLP has officially launched their completely fungible ERC-20 Token, Energy Efficient Bitcoin. EEB is an intelligent token that addresses the long-standing demand for more environmentally friendly Bitcoin crypto mining. 

Following the debut of Energy Efficient Ethereum (EEE) in May, the second token is launched on the Crypto Climate Exchange (, the world’s first exchange wholly dedicated to funding speedier climate action.

According to the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, the Bitcoin network consumes 116.7 Terawatt Hours per year or around 0.5% of global electricity use. This aligns the digital currency with the energy consumption of countries like Argentina, Malaysia, and Sweden.

EEB’s designers have partnered with Oairo (, a patented air-conditioning system that can lower the amount of energy used to cool computer mining machines by more than 70%. The EEB proceeds will be used to optimise a Bitcoin mine, purchase the most energy-efficient mining machines, and instal the Oairo plant and technology. In addition, the (Energy Efficient) Bitcoin created will serve as a source of funding for Oairo initiatives worldwide, reducing wasteful electricity consumption.

Bitcoin will continue to be mined for the foreseeable future; according to Keiron Allen, Managing Partner at EEE 2.0 LLP, the designers of EEB, it’s critical to find a means to lessen its massive energy consumption. Allen believes that existing technologies, particularly their partner Oairo’s patented technology, will allow them to do this.

One of the program’s objectives is to develop the “EEB Protocol,” which will establish the best standards, technology, and know-how for mining Bitcoin with the least amount of energy. The Bitcoin and mining communities will benefit from this open-source protocol.

Oairo’s CEO, Bryan Saxby, shared his excitement at the prospect of combining two 21st-century technologies. Saxby believes that funding through (Energy Efficient) Bitcoin will provide many multiples of energy savings as a result of the global deployment of Oairo technology.

About EEB (Energy Efficient Bitcoin)

Energy-Efficient Bitcoin (EEB) is an intelligent token that addresses the long-standing need for more environmentally friendly Bitcoin crypto mining. In addition, energy Efficient Bitcoin is collaborating with crucial mining machine manufacturers to improve Bitcoin mining with Oairo technology.

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