Eka Software Solutions, the renowned cloud platform for digital innovation, recently announced a partnership with Enverus, the globally leading energy data analytics and SaaS technology corporation, to offer new risk management and decision-making solutions to energy traders.

Eka’s Energy Trading and Risk Management Platform will include a pre-built connector for quick and easy access to Enverus’ MarketView and CurveBuilder data, such as forward curves, settlement costs, and foreign exchange. By combining Enverus’ data API with a cloud data warehouse to incorporate disparate data, tools, and analytics into a central repository, the integration can speed up the implementation of the project and actual outcomes.

Customers trading in energy markets require prompt market data to monitor their P&L settlements, run risk documentation, and other tasks asserts Manav Garg, CEO at Eka. They are looking forward to collaborate with Enverus to assist energy companies make better choices and enhance risk reporting.

Instead of building a one-off interface which would have to be monitored by an in-house IT team, they have rolled out a pre-built connector among Enverus’ Trading & Risk Solutions and Eka, stated Simon Crisp, General Manager of Enverus Trading & Risk Solutions. For an energy company, a pre-built connector speeds up and de-risks implementation, as well as lowering the cost of long-term support for their market data and ETRM connection.

Energy traders’ ability to react to disruptive events, establish strategy, and achieve growth is dependent on how quickly they can obtain and understand the data.

About Eka Software Solutions

Eka Software Solutions is a global leader in cloud-based solutions that integrate various workflows, from sourcing to payouts. Customers can use its platform-based solutions for commodity and supply chain management, source-to-pay, treasury, and sustainability to counter complicated issues and expedite their digital journey in an ever-changing environment.

For more information, visit https://eka1.com/

About Enverus

Enverus is the top energy SaaS corporation, providing highly technical insights and predictive/prescriptive analytics to help customers make more profitable decisions. Enverus’ cutting-edge technologies drive production and investment approaches, facilitate best practices in energy and commodity trading and risk management, and lower costs across critical business functions through process automation. Enverus works with over 6,000 customers in 50 nations as a strategic partner.

For more information, visit https://enverus.com/

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