A recent article on the eMazzanti Technologies website, a top NYC-area Microsoft Partner and cloud services provider, outline the benefits of Microsoft Cloud App Security. When shifting to the cloud, the essay first mentions the problem of balancing data accessibility with data security.

The author highlights Microsoft Cloud App Security’s role in providing critical services such as visibility, data security, threat protection, and compliance. She describes how the software aids in controlling shadow IT, the safety of sensitive data in the cloud, and the improvement of compliance.

Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO of eMazzanti Technologies, remarked that Microsoft Cloud App Security enables businesses to embrace the value of cloud computing while safeguarding essential digital resources.

Here are a few snippets from the article “Regain Control of the Cloud with Microsoft Cloud App Security“:

Microsoft Cloud App Security operates between cloud service providers and their users as a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). It enforces the organization’s security policies in this capacity. Cloud App Security works in tandem with Microsoft 365 to provide these services. As a result, it’s simple to set up and use, with centralized control via a configurable dashboard.

Cloud App Security also improves malware and other cybersecurity threats prevention. This improvement includes constantly monitoring cloud apps and services for risks and strange behavior suggesting ransomware or a hacked user or program.

Organizations can protect their company and its data while taking advantage of the cloud’s flexibility with Microsoft Cloud App Security. eMazzanti, as a top Microsoft Partner, is ready to assist them in optimizing Cloud App Security deployment as part of comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance strategy.

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