The first successful load-only Controllable Load Resource (CLR) designation by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) announced by Lancium, a data center technology company, and MP2 Energy, partly owned by Shell Energy North America (US), L.P. This is the first time since 2004, ERCOT with this designation only for the load without generation. The companies playing around High-Throughput Computing (HTC) space, like machine learning, cryptocurrency mining, and fluid simulations, deal with the only most substantial expense that is power consumption, which can significantly be moderated through adequate energy optimization.

Michael McNamara, CEO of Lancium, stated that with the increased demand response, the company is pleased to work with MP2 on the quantum leap hit. Being the first designated CLR is an attestation to the company’s technical and IP administration, uplifting server power consumption for years.

This effective energy optimization solution from Lancium and MP2 Energy enable customers to reduce data center power consumption, arising from increased energy demand by High-Throughput Computing data centers that are electricity-intensive. During the times when energy is expensive, the solution can help dispatch excess energy into the energy grid. This advancement will let the data center to earn additional revenue by providing ancillary services like a traditional generator to ERCOT, that would respond to instructions and provide primary frequency response to stabilize the grid.

The use of Lancium Smart Response software, covered by existing and pending patents is the reason behind the CLR designation. This merging allows data center customers to optimize average electricity costs by more than 50 percent, allowing them to respond to ERCOT instructions in seconds fulfilling CLR requirements.

According to David Black, MP2 Chief Executive Office, collaborating unique capabilities and Lancium’s unique flexible solution has put the company into an evolving grid with cost reduction. This product helps to stabilize the grid in an extremely effective manner, mitigating the reliability challenges that come up with increasing volatility of energy supply, not only in ERCOT but throughout the U.S.

The designation of Controllable Load Resource was achieved at Compute North Data Center in Big Spring, TX, which is an industry leader in high-performance computing space and cryptocurrency mining.

About Lancium

Lancium is a technology company leveraging the growth of renewable energy, by software and technical solutions creation. Lancium products provide a unique solution to server power management, through Lancium Smart Response and platform for High Throughput Computing applications through the Lancium Compute

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About MP2 Energy LLC

MP2 Energy, a Shell Energy North America Subsidiary is a full-service energy company designed to provide energy solutions in all aspects of the power market. Their role in the market is to serve as risk managers, balancing the energy supply / demand equation for our clients.

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