With a mission to eradicate pay disparities, Syndio, a leading HR analytics firm on May 15th 2020 announced raising $7.5M assisted by Emerson Collective and Voyager Capital, along with its existing investors Sirius, Contour Venture Partners, and Frontier Venture Capital in Series A funding.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted workforce across the globe, Syndio, the only provider of data-science powered software enables organizations to stay in compliance by analysing and resolving pay inequalities which usually arises due to gender, race or other factors. The platform is in use by leading companies such as Nordstrom, Target, Adobe, Nerdwallet, Snap. A U.S. non-profit organization, National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), that advocates women’s rights were consulted with its standards.

“Syndio has been at the forefront of helping progressive companies compensate, reward, hire and retain talent based on fairness,” said Syndio Chief Executive Officer Maria Colacurcio, she also added that the expertise, resources and financial support provided by Emerson Collective and Voyager Capital is paramount and acts as a catalyst and provides impetus to further their vision during these trying times.

Fern Mandelbaum, Managing Director, Venture Investing, Emerson Collective stated that historically it’s been observed that economic crises aggravate workforce inequalities, furthermore considers Maria as an insightful leader and has the necessary determination to provide solutions for more inclusive workplaces.

Syndio was also praised by Diane Fraiman, Voyager Capital’s Managing Director, for being a class apart and soon to be a leader in the market place as their data driven platform strongly based on data science and predictive modal differentiates them from any other solution in the market.

“With our focus on fuelling innovation in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle-based Syndio is right in our wheelhouse.” said Diane.

Former professor and MIT PhD, Zev Eigen, the current Chief Science Officer co-founded Syndio in 2016 with a vision of providing technological solutions to workplace problems and with Maria Colacurcio on-board as CEO since 2018, co-founder of Smartsheet.com and a track record of building companies with strong core values augurs well for Syndio and its commitment, visionary approach to eradicate pay disparities.

About Syndio

Headquartered in Seattle, Syndio provides a suite of innovative tools and services helping organization to monitor compliance, pay fairly and also analyse issues related to pay based on gender or race and its resolutions. It’s a distributed company and a frontrunner in providing HR Analytics Platform primarily dedicated towards pay equality. 

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