ESDS Software Solution is launching a technologically advanced version of their most indigenous and distinctive cloud orchestrator offering, eNlight 360, as well as a new and better version of their Managed Service Solutions. The Nashik-based IT firm is devoted to innovation and is focused on developing more niche and cost-effective cloud technology products and solutions. The increased demand for cloud technology has prompted their cloud experts team to improve their best products and services.

ESDS provides an extensive range of business solutions as well as a “one-stop-shop” for their customers’ cloud adoption needs. ESDS’s eNlight 360 offers a Hybrid Cloud Orchestration Management and a complete Data Center Management Suite, making it a unique offering in the current cloud-technology market. This next-generation technology supports multiple hypervisors that can be installed on a user’s premises, providing customers with the security of a Private Cloud as well as the scalability of a Public Cloud.

eNlight 360 also includes a Cloud Advisor, which scans and recommends changes to the user’s resources while also evaluating resource utilization and recommending optimization options. Because of these distinguishing features, eNlight 360 is more than just a product.

ESDS has enhanced its Managed Services portfolio, which includes a diverse range of services to customers and the day-to-day data management of IT services and cloud migration. This all-in-one solution provides 24×7 IT support migration services, database administration services, SAP Basis, SAP HANA administration, security operations center (SOC) services, and business continuity planning. This one-stop-shop package saves customers time and money.

ESDS has a vertically auto-scalable cloud platform patented in the United States and the United Kingdom and other indigenous products and services. ESDS’s one-stop-shop offerings have been able to efficiently perform and deliver results for their customers’ thanks to the support of this patented technology. The cloud and data center industries have seen a positive uptick in growth, and it appears that this trend will continue. ESDS has implemented these upgrades to ensure continuous growth and game leveling. ESDS is excited to serve its customers and create more disruptive technological innovations with these new versions.

About ESDS Software Solutions Limited

With a global mindset, ESDS began operations in the Tier2 city of Nashik (India) in 2005 and now has a presence in 19 countries across APAC, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Africa. By enabling organizations to embrace advanced technologies, ESDS catalyzes digital transformation in today’s outcome-based economy.

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