Stratis, a leading company that offers Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform, enabling private and public blockchain solutions having Ethereum and Hyperledger, announced to open the ecosystem to mass adoption by businesses. Stratis, make blockchain services more available to companies all over the world.

To achieve that goal, it now supports Ethereum interoperability, enabling businesses to benefit from Stratis Technologies’ ease of use while still reaching out to millions of Ethereum users. The DeFi sector would benefit from the launch of its wrapped token (wSTRAX). Platforms based on Ethereum can use wSTRAX in their DeFi products since it is locked in a 1:1 ratio with Stratis’ native STRAX Token.

Stratis offers an Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solution developed in C# on the Microsoft.NET Core Framework that focuses on Modular Blockchain Solutions for Public and Private Blockchains.

Stratis provides Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) to simplify the process of launching a decentralized network. Industry-leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers are sponsored to allow rapid service deployment. Stratis BaaS enables businesses to build Blockchain solutions without incurring the costs of managing and hosting a setting.

Inducing Interflux

Stratis is well-versed in the latest developments in the public blockchain domain. With the rapid growth of decentralized finance (DeFi) offerings like UniSwap, Creator, and Curve, this has become commonplace. As a result of this emphasis, Stratis’ interoperability approach has progressed.

Stratis InterFlux would carry xETH to Stratis Blockchain Technology and, more specifically, wSTRAX to the Ethereum Blockchain, allowing for interoperability between the Stratis (STRAX) Blockchain and the Ethereum Blockchain. In a nutshell, Stratis InterFlux allows for a smooth swap of the STRAX Token for wSTRAX, an Ethereum Blockchain equivalent token.

The wSTRAX token will completely exploit recent innovations in the DeFi domain, taking advantage of the Ethereum ecosystem’s rich liquidity pools and decentralized lending protocols.

Developing a Culture of Trust

The Stratis solution was created to eliminate all levels of centralization. The Stratis InterFlux Hub offers a mature collection of locked-in Masternodes that process requests between two blockchains autonomously, resulting in a genuinely trustless exchange of STRAX Tokens for wSTRAX the Ethereum Blockchain.

Stratis Success Roadmap

In the last year, the Stratis team has been hectic, launching service after service. The platform’s potential recently drew the attention of investment firm Alphabit, which has committed an eight-figure amount to the platform’s growth over the next two years.

Stratis is the only Blockchain platform that uses the.NET Core Framework to include end-to-end Microsoft solutions. Organizations that use Microsoft technology exclusively to build their product offerings or internal line-of-business applications can easily integrate and maintain them using the same development tooling.

The STRAX token is already available on Binance, a popular cryptocurrency exchange. With advanced features like InterFlux, Sidechains, SegWit support, and a comprehensive library of dApps and tools, Stratis allows businesses worldwide to benefit from the power of Blockchain without having to learn extremely complicated blockchain programming languages and architectures.

About Stratis

Stratis uses Blockchain to provide unrivaled levels of protection, reliability, and efficiency. The platform’s native C# ecosystem allows companies worldwide to implement blockchain technology using their current IT infrastructure and resources by giving everyday developers access to the Stratis blockchain’s functionality in a familiar language.

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