Exein, the edge security specialist, has created wonder in the world of security. As the announcement came from Exein, they have developed a world-changing embedded security solution.

As few lines of code embedded in the firmware are essential to secure a multi-layer, virtually impenetrable protection for the world’s hugely vulnerable Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Exein Core is coming up with the best solution. It offers a developer tool functioning as an embedded component from within the hardware. Once fixed, Exein Core uses convolutional neural networking to learn the legitimate behaviors of a device. Powered with this science, it can detect anomalies and external threats at unprecedented speed without cloud computing support. 

McKinsey has spoken of this product’s great possibilities as, according to them, the worldwide number of IoT-connected devices will possibly increase to 43 billion by 2023.

Other sites have made higher predictions, e.g., 100 per person or one trillion by 2025.

As this path-breaking security solution promises to safeguard billions of devices, CEO Gianni Cuozzo declares it as the fastest security countermeasure ever built and appreciates its open-source nature. He asserts the importance of and need for Exein Core. In today’s world, where exploitation of firmware can affect different safety systems, they believe that their product is capable of thwarting ransom threats and stopping such attacks once applied to any IoT equipment. He looks hopeful that their mathematical theory powered innovation will eventually make life safer. 

 About Exein

Passionate about Firmware, Exein is the future of edge security. It is a platform that continually works for securing millions of devices all over the world. Exein provides security software and middleware that can be injected like a vaccine into existing hardware and defend it from inside. Based in Rome and San Fransisco, the company was founded in 2018.

To know more about Exein, please visit  https://www.exein.io

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