Chicago based blockchain technology service company EZ Blockchain is upgrading its business with two distinct but equally innovative purposes in creating two separate branches of the company. The new approach is going to create a new power generation business called EZ Energy Technologies, Inc., or EZ Energy. From the blockchain mining business to the power generation and flare mitigation, the transition separates the work it targets. This separation will open the vistas to diversify the applications of the company’s affordable energy sourcing maximizing technologies in sectors outside of cryptocurrency.

EZ Blockchain, and its executive team will be the largest controlling shareholder of the EZ Energy business. The company looks forward to deploying 9 MWs of its own power generating units which will be known as SmartGrids, through the end of 2020. Following the separation and for the sake of better management, Vlad Rodinoff, founder of EZ Blockchain will attain the position of CEO at EZ Energy, and Sergii Gerasymovych will assume the position of CEO at EZ Blockchain.

According to Sergii Gerasymovych there are other applications to use gas-generated power right on-site on the oil pad, and none of the energy will be wasted anymore with the combined technology. This energy could be utilised on-lease as prime power for oil and gas producers in addition to powering the mobile data centers.

EZ Blockchain came into prominence for its services and products designed for cryptocurrency mining, primarily manufacturing mobile data centers, along with the management of crypto mining facilities, which is known as “Bitcoin mining containers”. EZ Blockchain’s first mining mobile data Smartbox was installed in 2018. It was designed and built exclusively by and for the company. In two years since its installation of the first mobile data center in Indiana, EZ Blockchain’s energy project has grown to create more scope to flourish. 

The mobile data centers have been designed in a way to be oil field ready and to meet the additional requirements of the efficiency and remote operation process. The new “EZ Smartboxes,” collaborated with EZ Blockchain’s has gained hugely positive mark around the Midwest mobile data center locations, spurred the final decision to branch this energy provision into its own business line.

EZ Blockchain has invested much effort into the initiative to harness waste energy by reducing gas flaring. The energy project initiated with a partnership with KTS Engineering, who is the official distributor of Jenbacher electric gas generators. They offer oil fields a viable and scalable option to turn excess natural gas into usable energy which otherwise goes into flares and wasted.

About EZ Blockchain

Started in 2017, the Chicago based EZ Blockchain, LLC is a full-service crypto mining facility management company that builds and operates physical infrastructures for blockchain-based mining. It has positioned the group to develop sustainable energy alternatives from a unique vantage point.

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