As part of its all-in-one customer engagement suite, Factoreal has launched an automated push notification feature, which is now available to all users. Factoreal is excited to announce this offsite messaging functionality, which will allow users to tailor their marketing further wherever their clients are on or off the web, in addition to email marketing, and social media management. 

Companies can now send short messages to subscribers through mobile or desktop browsers based on their mobile or web activity, even when they aren’t viewing their website or app. For marketers, this is a robust tool for driving traffic back to their website and app, alerting subscribers to crucial information, and ultimately converting more visits into new business.

Aditya Dhruva, CEO of Factoreal shared that marketers can now send customized time-sensitive content like a flash sale, in-stock notifications, and more to specific subscriber categories. There will be no more getting lost in inboxes. He believes Factoreal’s automated push notifications are a powerful tool for users, allowing them to customize their messages and reach them wherever they are.

Factoreal provides a comprehensive digital customer engagement platform that enables marketers to create long-term good customer relationships. It uses visitor data to develop lead nurturing, personalized website messaging with actionable insights, allowing e-commerce enterprises to expand faster.

The solution incorporates email marketing automation, social media marketing management, social ad management, customer journey automation, e-commerce integration, mobile marketing,personalization & segmentation, and more in one single, linked platform. Factoreal will now govern offsite and onsite communications, allowing advertisers to connect with subscribers on an entirely new level for a deep-insight omnichannel customer experience.

About Factoreal

Factoreal is a business that aims to revolutionize the omnichannel consumer engagement space. The startup hopes to make customer journey automation simple and affordable for all organizations, thanks to backing from the Mahindra group.

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