Fast video cataloger 8 is video software that helps with video production by automatically organizing all video content into a single searchable video database accessible across all devices. Video editors and creators can search a massive amount of video content in a concise amount of time this way.

The program creates a wall of thumbnail images that represent all of the video moments. This approach’s visual search allows users to search all moments of a video without watching it. Each thumbnail serves as a playable bookmark for that scene, and it can be enhanced with keywords to aid in filtering and searching.

Version 8 of Fast Video Cataloger includes over 100 enhancements. Video editors can now quickly draft video outline suggestions for export into video editing software like DaVinci Resolve, thanks to advances to the playlist feature.

Automatic video metadata extraction now includes XMP and Windows metadata, as well as additional video property customization. Since 2011, the Fast Video Cataloger has been in continuous advancement. This software is available for Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit. The cost of a single-user license is $197. (US). 

About Fast Video Cataloger

Fast Video Cataloger is a professional video database tool with an easy-to-customize user interface that fits into existing business video workflows. When multiple computer monitors are available, the customized user interface can make use of them. Preferences allow you to choose your preferred video player and video editor, as well as configure user-defined actions.

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